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The real Swiss Cheese Experience


SWISS CHEESE EXPERIENCE –  become a Swiss cheese master!

Say Cheese! 🙂 Who doesn’t love Cheese?

In our Swiss Cheese Experience we share with you all the secrets of this unique Swiss delicacy.

You will learn about the origins of cheese, its history as well as identifying and understanding the different tastes that cheese can have. Our professional Chef will teach you how to prepare and savour cheese in a delightful way.

We supply aprons, chef hats and all the ingredients.

The workshop costs CHF 65.-

  • We teach you how to properly cut, present and pair Swiss cheese
  • What sorts of cheese should you choose for a perfect Swiss cheese platter?
  • How do you prepare a perfect “Swiss Cheese Fondue”?
  • How many different kinds of cheese and how much cheese should you consider for a “cheese and wine party”?

Learn how to taste cheese like a Professional Swiss Cheese Maker. Recognise types, quality and ageing. Our workshops are “ALL YOU CAN EAT” so make sure you don’t have lunch/dinner before! 🙂

  • What is the most appropriate beverage to drink with cheese?
  • How to pair wine, beer, tea and other drinks
  • Which side dishes to serve with cheese?
  • Which is the best bread to enjoy Fondue with?
  • Swiss regional specialities

You’ll learn this and much more in a fun and practical way.

At the end we’ll enjoy our self prepared Fondue together!

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Swiss Chees Experience Interlaken